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Performance reviews help support employees in developing and becoming better at what they do. For the best results, performance management software can help document conducted reviews, while storing it securely, along with other employee information, all in Personio.
Software per le prestazioni
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Recording performance in a consistent way, and on a regular basis, make development visible and helps employees feel supported. Using performance management software, like Personio, you can define individual goals, targets, or reuse predefined ones with ease.

Building a Sound Basis
for Salary and Promotion

Before you can go ahead and make important decisions, you need to ensure that your documents are all in order. Using Personio, department and team leads can enter their targets and results independently, and if targets are linked to bonus payments, they can be automatically transmitted to payroll.
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Panoramica del calendario nel software per la gestione delle prestazioni

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Studies show that employees are developed and supported by their companies stay longer. This support is enhanced through performance management software, with managers defining goals, documenting them securely, and ensuring they are followed up on or monitored with ease.

Gestione delle prestazioni
con Personio

Personio ti supporta in tutti i tuoi processi HR, dalla gestione dei candidati o delle ferie alla contabilità salariale. Prova Personio con un account di prova gratuito o prenota una demo di 30 minuti per scoprire come ottimizzare i processi utilizzando un software più efficiente.

Gestione delle prestazioni dei dipendenti con Personio

A performance management system, facilitated by performance management software, can be an indispensable tool for companies of any size. That’s because assessing employee performance is especially important for defining employee development initiatives and supporting them in continued professional training.

What Is Performance Management Software?

Employee performance management software is a solution that helps companies organize, document, and follow-up on employee goals and growth. Moreover, it is a way to both set, track, and determine whether goals have been achieved.

Why Does It Matter?

As a general concept, performance management is important because it is like taking the pulse of each and every employee, as well as the organization at large. When you conduct regular performance reviews, you can understand if employees are succeeding or struggling.

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At the same time, it is important to think about this process holistically. Not only whether employees are hitting targets, but if their satisfaction is going up or down as a result, and whether the process of reviewing them is also satisfactory.

Who Should Use Performance Management Software?

At its heart, performance management is an HR task. They are the ones who need to think about how it is developed, who need to be using it, and for what purposes. When it comes to designing the framework, it rests on them.

That said, both HR and leaders have a role to play in actually executing a performance management process. This is why performance management software can often be so crucial, as it allows for a consistent experience for every leader (save for the nuances that come within specific departments or with different functions or team members).

Then, expanding our scope even further, we can think of performance results being used by executive leadership to drive change in the business, in general. This would typically be brought to the table by an empowered HR function, which proper software can facilitate.

How Do You Use Personio For Performance Management?

By using an HR software like Personio, you can develop your own performance management indicators and define target agreements jointly with your employees as part of their performance reviews.

This also includes:

  • Using digital notes for recording specific events between reviews.
  • Taking targets reached and bonuses and automatically moving them to payroll.

Download our free performance review template by clicking here. 

Can You Define KPIs In Personio?

Personio offre tre tipi di indicatori definiti per la gestione delle prestazioni:

  • Indicatori binari con due opzioni tra cui scegliere, ad esempio “partecipazione all'evento di sviluppo professionale continuo”: sì o no
  • Indicatori quantitativi, ovvero misurabili direttamente (es. gli obiettivi di vendita)
  • Indicatori qualitativi, vale a dire indicatori non direttamente misurabili, come la soddisfazione dei dipendenti

You are free to define whether and to what extent each KPI affects the bonus calculation for the selected period. You can enter bonuses manually in the Performance section of the employee profile, or have them calculated automatically, based on the extent to which the targets defined and stored in the performance section have been reached.

Can A Performance Management Software Save Time? 

Once you have standardized your performance processes, every subsequent evaluation you host will take far less time. At the same time, you’ll be able to build up a consistent and sustainable library of data to use for reports on employee performance.

This way, your HR team is empowered to understand how employees are developing across the organization. You have all of the data you need on hand, with the reporting to match, to ensure that your employees are developing, succeeding, and sticking around for longer.